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5 fit for summer tips.

May 1, 2013

Find a coach or training partner:
Having a coach or an awesome training partner will help you go to the gym consistently and get you to push yourself harder on tough exercises.

Eat at home 5 days per week:
Eat all meals and snacks at or from home (Monday through Friday). Prepare the right foods for a few days in advance.

No eating after 9 p.m:
Healthy eating doesn’t happen after 9 pm. Avoiding calories before bed will help you sleep better, and a good nights rest increases the likelihood and efficacy of a morning workout.

Decrease your sugar intake:
If you want to lose weight you’ll need to limit sugar consumption. Cut your sugar intake in half and after a week or so you should lose a pound or two.

Limit alcohol consumption:
Three drinks per week at a maximum, avoid all sugary mixed drinks. Limiting alcohol decrease empty, non-fueling calorie consumption and helps to avoid senseless eating.

ActFit AddLife!
Small everyday actions will add up to big changes, and to you looking, feeling and being better.