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Programs and Pricing

Weight Loss Varied fitness training using safe and effective, proven weight loss methods with easy to follow nutrition and exercise plan. Sustainable weight loss is a gradual process requiring commitment to long-term healthy lifestyle changes. 1 hour session Total Cost $49.00*
Body Sculpting Resistance training, diet and nutrition supplement strategies for increasing lean muscle tissue and bone density. Weightlifting raises your metabolism allowing your body to burn calories around the clock to maintain new muscle tissue. 1 hour session Total Cost $49.00*
Cross-Train Dynamic weightlifting and plyometric training. Build core and muscular strength, increase aerobic endurance. Can be sport specific tailored. Cross-training stimulates your body to create anabolic hormones that help build your muscles. 1 hour session Total Cost $49.00*
P30X High-intensity and time efficient boot camp styled workout. Targeting all major muscle groups and aerobic system. Incorporating various types of intense and explosive routines that focus on general fitness. 1/2 hour session Total Cost $29.00*
Physio/Rehab Physio exercise to restore strength, decrease pain and inflammation. Improve long term outcome of injuries by strengthening the areas most at risk is another important aspect of physical rehabilitation. 1/2 hour session Total Cost $29.00*